Banksman coaching and workshop

Safeguarding against damage and injury

This course highlights the dangers associated with reversing goods vehicles and the need to mitigate risk to reduce vehicle damage and injury.​

Participants will carry out a dynamic risk assessment, demonstrate correct hand signals using HSE recommendations, deal with emergencies and explain the responsibilities ​ of a banksman. They will also be instructed on best practice techniques used in reversing manoeuvres and traffic management.

  • Duration: 7.5 hours
  • Delegates: up to 4 participants
  • Price: available on request
  • Format: Classroom workshop and off-road coaching
  • Requirement: Suitable room, PPE, training vehicle, yard
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Improving safety and meeting compliance

Reduce risks associated with reversing vehicles
Training will reduce driver risk, incidents, potential HSE investigation and prosecutions.

Meet your duty of care
Our courses are designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations.

Improve your banksmans' competence and knowledge​
- Basic and complex techniques and hand signals​
- Dangers associated with reversing
- Dynamic risk assessment​

Marie was an excellent trainer and facilitator. Content was articulately delivered and she allowed participants to raise any concerns or challenges they had and responded both professionally and appropriately

Steven Larder Shell UK Limited

Participant benefits

Explain the dangers associated with reversing vehicles and the need and relevance of control measures​​.

Demonstrate skills required to direct a driver reversing and how to take control of the vehicle operating area.

Undertake a dynamic risk assessment and explain what can go wrong and how to mitigate risk.

Explain the role and responsibilities of the driver and banksman when a vehicle is manoeuvring in a confined space.

Course details

Who should attend

Anyone involved in the control of commercial vehicle movements in​ a factory yard, loading bays and distribution depots.

Delivery method

The workshop is facilitated by a professional driver trainer who will fully engage with participants to develop confidence and competence in safely guiding goods vehicles and reducing risk to property and other road users.

Course outline

RIDDOR & HSE statistics
Explore the dangers and risks of having and not having a banksman.

Control measures
Why duty of care should be in place whenever there is a risk – no matter how slight.

Mitigate risk
Undertake a dynamic risk assessment.

Banksman signals
Characteristics of a LGV when reversing and guiding using HSE recommended code of hand signals.

Case studies driver management