Try Cycling Scheme

Our Try Cycling programme provides schools and organisations with a practical and effective means of getting more people cycling. Whether you are trying to meet travel plan obligations, reduce pressures on car parking, demonstrate a tangible commitment to sustainability or encourage a healthier child/adult population, this programme delivers significant and measurable results.

Many people like the idea of cycling; they are attracted by the idea of getting more exercise, saving time and money, being more in control of their journey and doing their bit for the environment. 

What stops them is things like: 'I don’t have a bike', 'I’m not sure I could do it', 'I wouldn’t feel safe' and 'I don’t know how to go about it'.

This programme takes care of it all with participants able to borrow a quality bike and equipment for typically 4 weeks.

Programmes like this have shown extremely good results in terms of the numbers (over 70%), indicating that they intend to continue cycling to school, college or work at the end of the trial period.

Benefits for schools/employers

Becoming a cycle-friendly establishment is neither difficult nor expensive and can pay dividends.

  • Reduce the number of on-site car parking spaces
  • Reduce localised congestion and parking problems
  • Meet your corporate responsibility and support your travel plan obligations
  • Adopt more sustainable business practices and in particular reduce CO2 emissions
  • Encourage and support people to choose a healthier lifestyle
  • Arrange a Cycle Try-Out Roadshow to encourage more people to cycle

Benefits for children/employees

It's never too late to try cycling and do your bit for the environment.

  • A proven method of encouraging more people to give cycling a go
  • Works well with employees or people who want to cycle for leisure
  • Borrow a quality bike and equipment for 4 weeks
  • Option to buy the bike and equipment at a discount or just return at no charge
  • Child seats, trailers and trailer bikes, folding and electric bikes all available
  1. Who should attend

    Available to schools, businesses and as public events – to encourage more people to work, reduce localised congestion and air pollution.

  2. Delivery method

    Hire a bike and related equipment for 4 weeks with the option to buy at a discounted price at the end of the trial period.

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