Walk Wise

Developing key pedestrian skills for safer road use

Children learn through observation, instruction and imitation. Our Walk Wise pedestrian skills programme has been developed to allow primary school children in Years 1 and 2 (5 to 7 year olds) to become confident and competent pedestrians with an understanding and awareness of safer road use, consideration for other pavement users and the golden rules – stop, look, listen and think.

100% practical learning in controlled settings
It is 100% practical based, guiding children through a wide range of scenarios and everyday situations in safe, risk-assessed environments. Each child participating completes 2 hours of practical training, giving them the skills and confidence to walk short distances more safely.

What the programme covers:

  • Where to walk and how to walk safely on the pavement
  • Understand the need to look out for cars reversing out of or pulling in to driveways
  • Where to cross the road and how to locate and use a safe place to cross a road, including using a zebra/pelican crossing and pedestrian refuge
  • How to recognise and avoid unsafe places
  • How to cross the road safely
  • How to cross in between parked cars and recognising other hazards

Very thorough training and excellent organisation. The children were all engaged and really enjoyed the whole session.

Programme details

Who should attend

Primary school children aged 5 to 7 years old (years 1 and 2).

Delivery method

100% practical based to meet the needs of the local authority. Courses are delivered during the school day and can comprise of 4 x 30-minute sessions typically running over 4 weeks.

  • Where to walk
  • Parked cars
  • Hazards
  • Safe place to cross
  • Crossing at junctions
  • Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
Included in the delivery
  • Course design and delivery
  • School scheduling and course management
  • School and parent information packs
  • High-visibility vests for all children, parents and teachers
  • Instructors, scheduling and management
  • School specific risk assessments and route planning
  • Digital certificates

Available on request. Please call 01242 504525 to discuss your requirements.

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